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Special Price

SPECIAL PRICE - German forged anvil 379 lbs - Incudine tedesca forgiata da 172 kg Special Price - Forged German anvil weight 379 lbs Good face, good rebound, some cuts on the round horn, edges on the square horn [...] Continue SPECIAL PRICE - 516 lbs OLD FORGED GERMAN S&H ANVIL DATED 1887 - INCUDINE TEDESCA S&H FORGIATA DATATA 1887 DA [...] Special Price - Old large forged German anvil marked S&H dated 1887 (very old piece for this company) weight 516 lbs (234 [...] Continue SPECIAL PRICE LARGE ITALIAN PIG ANVIL 414 lbs - GROSSA INCUDINE ITALIANA DA 188 kg Special Price - LARGE ITALIAN PIG ANVIL weight 414 pound  General good conditions the front, back side and feet were full [...] Continue SPECIAL PRICE - Forged german anvil HPW with XL upsetting block 439 lbs - Incudine tedesca forgiata HPW da [...] Special Price - Forged German anvil with extra large upsetting block  large size 439 lbs excellent brand: HPW – Hans [...] Continue SPECIAL PRICE Single horn German anvil FWDS - Incudine tedesca 165 kg FWDS Special Price - Single horn forged German anvil with upsetting block marked FWDS weight 364 pound  good face, edges [...] Continue SPECIAL PRICE 361 pound French anvil marked A PERRIN dated 1906 - Incudine francese PERRIN 164 kg datata 1906 Special Price - French manufacture  marked A. PERRIN  dated 1906 weight 361 (164 kg marked) Good rebound, worktop [...] Continue SPECIAL PRICE - 386 pound double horn anvil with upsetting block - Incudine da 175 kg con doppio corno e [...] Special Price - Large double horn anvil with upsetting block  weight 386 pound (175 kg marked) Good price, good [...] Continue SPECIAL PRICE - ENGLISH STYLE FORGED ANVIL 227 pound - PREZZO SPECIALE Incudine tipo inglese forgiata 113 kg Special Price - SPECIAL PRICE English forged anvil  medium size anvil 227 pound  marked  B 1955 presence of cuts [...] Continue