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Medium size forged stake anvil 55 lbs - Bicornia forgiata di medie dimensioni 25 kg Anvils / Incudini - Medium size forged stake anvil marked  J V W   n 24 weight 55 lbs old piece in really good [...] Continue Beautiful piece: extra small Italian forged pig anvil 28 lbs - Incudine forgiata italiana da 12,7 kg Anvils / Incudini - Beautiful piece! Extra small Italian forged pig anvil weight 28 lbs!!! Original [...] Continue Wonderful extra large forged stake anvil 176 lbs! - Grossa bicornia forgiata 80 kg ! Anvils / Incudini - Wonderful extra large forged stake anvil Weight 176lbs !!! measurements 31x5,8x23,8 inch height (tip [...] Continue Extra small wrought iron ARM & HAMMER anvil 106 lbs - PICCOLA INCUDINE AMERICANA ARM & HAMMER DA 48 KG Anvils / Incudini - Extra small wrought iron US anvil small size 106 lbs marked ARM & HAMMER  SN [...] Continue Extra large 408 lbs English anvil JOHN BROOKS excellent conditions - Grossa incudine inglese JB da 185 kg Anvils / Incudini - Wonderful extra large ENGLISH ANVIL  Marked JOHN BROOKS  excellent conditions excellent [...] Continue Medium size double horns forged anvil 348 lbs - Incudine forgiata doppio corno taglia media 158 kg Anvils / Incudini - Medium size double horn forged anvil  weight 348 lbs Good conditions and [...] Continue CARL SCHLASSE large forged single horn anvil 458 lbs - Grossa incudine marcata CARL SCHLASSE forgiata a un [...] Anvils / Incudini - CARL SCHLASSE large single horn forged anvil The mark is an anchor surrounded by "GEDENKE MEIN C [...] Continue Rare english NORRISEZ forged anvil 129 lbs - Rara incudine inglese forgiata marcata NORRISEZ da 58 kg Anvils / Incudini - Forged English anvil marked: NORRISEZ 1   0    17 (old British stone system corresponding [...] Continue EXCELLENT EXTRA SMALL ITALIAN CAST ANVIL MARKED SFB 24 lbs Anvils / Incudini - Continue RARE XXXS ITALIAN FORGED PIG ANVIL 20 lbs !!! - Piccola incudine italiana forgiata da 9 kg Anvils / Incudini - Extra small Italian pig anvil forged piece  DIFFICULT TO FIND Weight 20 lbs !!! typical massive cube body with [...] Continue Very rare navy's forged anvil marked PETER WRIGHT 291lbs - Magnifica incudine navale forgiata marcata PETER [...] Anvils / Incudini - Very rare piece!!! piece hard to find: PETER WRIGHT navy's model forged anvil "ANCHOR" marked weight [...] Continue TOP ANVIL REFFLINGHAUS 467 lbs perfect conditions upsetting block + side wing - INCUDINE REFFLINGHAUS [...] Anvils / Incudini - TOP ANVIL top company: ARS - Refflinghaus  top shape: double horn + upsetting block + side wing top quality: [...] Continue Extra small single horn HOLTHAUS anvil 73 lbs - Piccola incudine tedesca HOLTHAUS da 33 kg Anvils / Incudini - Small forged German anvil double mark HOLTHAUS  weight 73 (33 kg marked) date 1908 good rebound good [...] Continue Wonderful hand forged German anvil dated 1864 weight 185 lbs - Bellissima incudine tedesca forgiata a mano [...] Anvils / Incudini - Wonderful anvil! 1864 hand forged piece! Very interesting front side with 2 deep niches and an unusual [...] Continue Extra large single horn forged anvil with upsetting block 727 lbs!!! + XL metal stand - Incudine tedesca [...] Anvils / Incudini - Extra large forged single horn anvil with metal stand  extra large size anvil difficult to find! with upsetting [...] Continue Military anvil used by French cavalry between late 19th-early 20th century - Incudine francese usata dalla [...] Anvils / Incudini - Interesting military piece used by French cavalry between late 19th-early 20th century, easy to be [...] Continue BEAUTIFUL ANCIENT FORGED GERMAN ANVIL WITH SLOPED EDGE, LONG FEET, DEEP NICHES 165 lbs - BELLA INCUDINE [...] Anvils / Incudini - MUSEUM PIECE Beautiful ancient forged German anvil very intersting shape: front side sloped edge, long feet, deep [...] Continue CARL SCHLASSE (anchor marked) forged anvil 267 lbs - Incudine tedesca CARL SCHLASSE (marchio con ancora) da [...] Anvils / Incudini - CARL SCHLASSE ANVIL forged piece Weight 267 (121 kg marked) good face flat and smooth, edges worn  Medium [...] Continue MASTERPIECE! Wonderful Ancient forged decorated German anvil dated 1868 - meravigliosa incudine forgiata [...] Anvils / Incudini - MASTERPIECE  wonderful ancient hand forged anvil. The front facade is bordered along the perimeter by [...] Continue WONDERFUL EXTRA LARGE OLD FORGED BAVARIAN ANVIL 555 lbs - Bellissima incudine bavarese forgiata da 252 kg Anvils / Incudini - Weight 555 lbs measurements  34,2x4x15 inch height  peso 252 kg misure 87x10x38 cm altezza  Continue Super conditions extra large massive Austrian anvil 573 lbs - Grossa incudine austriaca condizioni perfette [...] Anvils / Incudini - Extra large massive  Austrian cast anvil 573 lbs excellent conditions, excellent rebound  perfect edges, [...] Continue VERY RARE EXTRA LARGE ITALIAN PIG ANVIL 593 lbs WITH HEAVY STAND 425 lbs - INCUDINE ITALIANA GIGANTE DA 260 [...] Anvils / Incudini - VERY RARE EXTRA LARGE  ITALIAN PIG ANVIL WITH VERY HEAVY METAL STAND VERY DIFFICULT TO FIND! EXTRA [...] Continue TO MATT: PLEASE CONTACT US DIRECTLY TO anvilsplanet@gmail.com - Wonderful piece SMALL ENGLISH ANVIL 138 lbs [...] Anvils / Incudini - JEWEL Very nice small English anvil with its original metal stand  anvil 138 lbs metal stand 94 [...] Continue TOP QUALITY: CARL SCHLASSE FORGED ANVIL 505 lbs - INCUDINE FORGIATA CARL SCHLASSE DA 229 kg Anvils / Incudini - TOP QUALITY BRAND  Anchor mark "CARL SCHLASSE" forged single horn anvil weight 505 lbs (229 kg [...] Continue RESERVED NATHAN - EXCELLENT LARGE FORGED GERMAN ANVIL 425 lbs - ECCELLENTE INCUDINE TEDESCA FORGIATA DA 193 kg Anvils / Incudini - EXCELLENT LARGE FORGED GERMAN ANVIL weight 425 lbs (193 kg marked) dated 1951 very good conditions, [...] Continue BEAUTIFUL WELL PRESERVED OLD FORGED FRANCE STAKE ANVIL 59 lbs - ANTICA BICORNIA FRANCESE DA 27 kg Anvils / Incudini - BEAUTIFUL WELL PRESERVED OLD STAKE ANVIL Forged piece with big decorated shield  (decorations slightly [...] Continue LARGE SOUTH GERMAN FORGED ANVIL 500 lbs - GROSSA INCUDINE FORGIATA GERMANIA DEL SUD 227 kg Anvils / Incudini - Large south German forged anvil weight 500 lbs (227 kg marked) marked HPW Hans Peter Winterhof (brand is [...] Continue MEDIUM SIZE HOLTHAUS ANVIL 335 lbs - INCUDINE TEDESCA HOLTHAUS TAGLIA MEDIA 152 kg Anvils / Incudini - Medium size HOLTHAUS forged anvil weight  335 lbs (152 kg marked) General good conditions, the anvil presents [...] Continue 679 lbs REALLY UNUSUAL EXTRA HIGH FORGED ANVIL (18,5 inch height !!!) - INCUDINE FORGIATA DI ALTEZZA FUORI [...] Anvils / Incudini - Wonderful shape extra large forged piece  HEIGHT OUTSIDE THE STANDARD: 18,5 inch height !!! VERY RARE Weight [...] Continue Rare wonderful extra small forged German anvil marked S&H 174 lbs - Bellissima Incudine forgiata S&H piccole [...] Anvils / Incudini - Rare wonderful extra small forged anvil  weight 174 lbs (79 kg marked) marked S&H (very well [...] Continue RESERVED NATHAN - English anvil 249 lbs - Incudine inglese da 113 kg Anvils / Incudini - English forged anvil Medium size 249 lbs  with one Pritchel and one Hardy holes buone condizioni good [...] Continue SMALL AUSTRIAN ANVIL EXCELLENT CONDITIONS 110 lbs - PICCOLA INCUDINE AUSTRIACA 50 kg Anvils / Incudini - Small Austrian cast anvil excellent conditions  weigh 110 lbs (50 kg marked) measurements 19,7x3,7x9,6 [...] Continue EXCELLENT SINGLE HORN B24 KOHLSWA ANVIL 298 lbs WITH UPSETTING BLOCK - ECCELLENTE INCUDINE KOHLSWA CORNO SOLO [...] Anvils / Incudini - Excellent SWEDEN KOHLSWA anvil model B24  single horn with upsetting block weight 298 lbs (135 kg [...] Continue RESERVED NATHAN - EXCELLENT CONDITIONS PFP 223 lbs - INCUDINE PFP CONDIZIONI ECCELLENTI 101 kg Anvils / Incudini - Excellent conditions PFP medium size anvil weight 223 lbs Measurements 28,3x5,1x11 inch height  Incudine [...] Continue EXCELLENT SMALL SINGLE HORN ANVIL 132 lbs - ECCELLENTE PICCOLA INCUDINE CORNO SOLO 60 kg Anvils / Incudini - Wonderful small single horn forged anvil excellent conditions weight 132 lbs measurements 21,6x4,3x9,6 inch [...] Continue PFP anvil 145 lbs - Incudine PFP 66 kg Anvils / Incudini - German anvil marked PFP weight 145 lbs general good conditions  measurements 23,6x4,7x9,2 inch [...] Continue EXTRA SLIM F.W.K KRAGELOH ANVIL 399 lbs - INCUDINE TEDESCA SOTTILE F.W.K KRAGELOH DA 181 kg Anvils / Incudini - Extra slim forged German anvil face width 5,2 inch Top German company crown marked: F.W.K – Friedrich [...] Continue HPW Hans Peter Winterhof anvil 395 lbs - Incudine tedesca HPW Hans Peter Winterhof 179 kg Anvils / Incudini - Forged German anvil  395 lbs (179 kg marked) marked double flags: HPW – Hans Peter Winterhof top [...] Continue Old English forged anvil 359 lbs - Incudine inglese da 163 kg Anvils / Incudini - Old English forged anvil 359 (163 kg marked) with one Pritchel and one Hardy holes good rebound  Small pitting [...] Continue Wrought iron ARM & HAMMER SMALL SIZE ANVIL 123 lbs - PICCOLA INCUDINE AMERICANA ARM & HAMMER DA 56 KG Anvils / Incudini - Wrought iron US anvil small size 123 lbs marked ARM & HAMMER  SN [...] Continue SMALL SOUTH GERMAN REFFLINGHAUS 231 pound - PICCOLA REFFLINGHAUS DA 105kg Anvils / Incudini - Beautiful German anvil south shape marked REFFLINGHAUS (ARS) small size 231lbs (105 kg marked) good [...] Continue 760 lbs EXTRA LARGE SIZE NORTH GERMAN FORGED ANVIL - GIGANTESCA INCUDINE TEDESCA FORGIATA DA 345 kg Anvils / Incudini - Extra large size forged north German anvil weight 760 lbs good conditions, medium rebound, the face presents [...] Continue RESERVED VINCE - Wonderful extra large forged south German FWDS anvil 765lbs - Grossa incudine tedesca [...] Anvils / Incudini - Wonderful south German forged anvil Extra large size weight 765 lbs marked FWDS (Friedrich [...] Continue Extra large excellent forged Belgian anvil 547 lbs - Grossa incudine forgiata belga da circa 248 kg Anvils / Incudini - Beautiful shape extra large size forged Belgian anvil weight 547 lbs Very good [...] Continue Old English JOHN BROOKS anvil 154 lbs - Incudine inglese JOHN BROOKS da 70 kg Anvils / Incudini - Old English JOHN BROOKS weight 154 lbs good conditions  Measurements  22,7x4,4x10,2 inch [...] Continue Rare small wonderful shape S&H south german forged anvil 282 lbs - Piccola incudine tedesca S&H forgiata da [...] Anvils / Incudini - Rare small wonderful shape south German anvil 282 pound (128 kg marked) marked S&H dated 1913 Excellent [...] Continue RESERVED VINCE - Old small square anvil 55 pound - piccolo tasso da 25 kg Anvils / Incudini - Old square anvil 55 pound  Measurements  8x8x4 inch height  Piccolo tasso 25 [...] Continue Very rare stake anvil with rings for on board ships - Rara incudine per uso a bordo delle navi Anvils / Incudini - Wonderful unique stake anvil used on board ships  with two iron rings to fix it. piece difficult to [...] Continue WONDERFUL PIECE!!! SMALL FORGED SINGLE HORN GERMAN ANVIL 150 lbs - BELLISSIMA INCUDINE FORGIATA PICCOLA [...] Anvils / Incudini - Really wonderful small forged single horn anvil Old piece in really excellent conditions  A beautiful piece very [...] Continue EXCELLENT CONDITIONS SINGLE HORN ANVIL MARKED UAT 198 lbs - INCUDINE CORNO SOLO PERFETTA 90 kg Anvils / Incudini - Excellent single horn anvil marked UAT weight 198 pound  excellent conditions, excellent [...] Continue MEDIUM SQUARE ANVIL 37 lbs - TASSO CON PUNTONE MEDIA TAGLIA DA 17 kg Anvils / Incudini - Medium size square anvil with tip to fix in a wood stand. weight 37 pound  measurements Face 5x5 inch total [...] Continue SMALL SQUARE ANVIL 15 lbs - Piccolo tasso con puntone da 7 kg Anvils / Incudini - Small size square anvil with tip to fix in a wood stand. weight 15 pound  measurements face 3,9x3,9 inch Total [...] Continue TOOLS FOR FORGING: ANVILS * VISES * SWAGES BLOCKS * CONES * HAMMERS Anvils / Incudini - ANVILS USED FOR THE MOVIE  "THE NORTHMAN" Continue Wonderful HPW small single horn forged anvil 163 lbs with upsetting block - Bellissima incudine forgiata di [...] Anvils / Incudini - Wonderful extra small forged anvil single horn with upsetting block  weight 163 lbs marked HPW – [...] Continue ENGLISH FORGED SAWMAKER ANVIL 282 lbs- TASSO FORGIATO INGLESE 128 kg Anvils / Incudini - English forged saw maker anvil perhaps Peter Wright brand medium size 282 lbs good conditions good [...] Continue NASH ENGLISH FORGED ANVIL137 lbs - Incudine forgiata inglese NASH da 62 kg Anvils / Incudini - Nice small english forged anvil  marked NASH weight 137 lbs old piece in good conditions and [...] Continue Excellent rare single horn super rebound extra large JEB anvil 668 lbs - Splendida incudine marchiata JEB [...] Anvils / Incudini - Rare single horn anvil EXTRA LARGE SIZE marked JEB (Johann Elias Bleckmann) weight 668 lbs excellent [...] Continue EXCELLENT ENGLISH ANVIL JOHN BROOKS 183 lbs - ECCELLENTE INCUDINE INGLESE JB DA 83 kg Anvils / Incudini - Excellent conditions  English John Brooks  weight 183 pound  suitable to be transported for [...] Continue Kohlswa Sweden anvil model B38 236 pound - INCUDINE SVEDESE KOHLSWA B38 da 107 kg Anvils / Incudini - Kohlswa Sweden anvil model B38 weight 236 pound  good conditions excellent [...] Continue Extra small Italian pig anvil 33 pound Anvils / Incudini - Extra small Italian pig anvil  33 pound  Cast measurements 17x4x4,8 inch height  Continue WONDERFUL LARGE FORGED BAVARIAN ANVIL FWDS WITH LARGE UPSETTING BLOCK 532 pound - BELLISSIMA INCUDINE [...] Anvils / Incudini - WONDERFUL BAVARIAN FORGED ANVIL Extra large piece weight 432 pound (196 kg marked) excellent [...] Continue 60 lbs !!! EXCELLENT CONDITIONS EXTRA SMALL FORGED GERMAN ANVIL - SPLENDIDA INCUDINE TEDESCA FORGIATA DA 27,5 [...] Anvils / Incudini - Wonderful EXTRA SMALL  FORGED GERMAN ANVIL ONLY 60 pound !!! Very well preserved perfect [...] Continue LARGE 390 pound ITALIAN PIG ANVIL - GROSSA INCUDINE ITALIANA DA 177 kg Anvils / Incudini - LARGE ITALIAN PIG ANVIL weight 390 pound  very large work face 8,8 inch!!! marked 1556 - 6 good conditions, [...] Continue Wonderful Bavarian forged anvil with unusual upsetting block 340 pound- Bellissima incudine bavarese con [...] Anvils / Incudini - Wonderful forged Bavarian gernan anvil with unusual upsetting block piece difficult to find with extra long [...] Continue Super massive decorated hand forged ancient German anvil - Incudine massiccia tedesca decorata e forgiata a [...] Anvils / Incudini - MUSEUM PIECE  wonderful archaic shape hornless anvil Early 19th century Large hand forged German anvil 330 [...] Continue SOLD VINCE - SMALL SQUARE ANVIL 26 pound - PICCOLO TASSO CON PUNTA PER FISSAGGIO 12 kg Anvils / Incudini - Small square anvil with tip to fix in a wood stand. weight 26,5 pound  measurements face 4,4x4,4 inch total [...] Continue middle 19th century hand forged French anvil 192 pound - Incudine antica francese forgiata a mano 87 kg Anvils / Incudini - Wonderful shape ancient  French hand forged single horn anvil  with a square section prominent nose and [...] Continue EXCELLENT CONDITIONS french square anvil 167 pound - Tasso francese da 76 kg condizioni perfette Anvils / Incudini - Excellent french square anvil  very good conditions smooth face, sharp edges  the face presents its [...] Continue Nice extra small French pig anvil 55 pound - Piccola incudine francese da 25 kg Anvils / Incudini - Nice extra small French pig anvil  cast anvil with a nice raised edge along the perimeter of the [...] Continue Ancient German hand forged anvil 236 pound extra large feet - Antica incudine tedesca forgiata a mano 107kg Anvils / Incudini - Ancient hand forged manufacture hornless German anvil Nice shape with 2 massive extra large forged feet with two [...] Continue SMALL ENGLISH FORGED ANVIL JOSHUA WILKINSON DUDLEY 117 pound - PICCOLA INCUDINE INGLESE JOSHUA W. 53kg Anvils / Incudini - Very nice small forged English anvil  117 pound of forged anvil Produced by JOSHUA WILKINSON DUDLEY dated [...] Continue ANCIENT (probably 1789) HAND FORGED DECORATED ANVIL 161 pound - ANTICA INCUDINE FORGIATA A MANO E DECORATA [...] Anvils / Incudini - MUSEUM PIECE Wonderful hand forged German anvil ancient piece probably dated 1789 Front decorated with Celtic [...] Continue 1697 POUND!!!! SUPERMASSIVE ANVIL - INCUDINE GIGANTESCA FUORI TAGLIA 770 kg!!! Anvils / Incudini - SUPERMASSIVE ANVIL over size piece weight 1697 pound unique piece available  coming from a French [...] Continue LARGE ANCIENT HAND FORGED FRONT DECORATED ANVIL 298 pound - GROSSA E ANTICA INCUDINE FORGIATA A MANO DECORATA [...] Anvils / Incudini - Wonderful ancient Polish anvil MUSEUM PIECE hand forged very beautiful nose in relief with round section and [...] Continue Ancient hornless German anvil 256 pound - Antica incudine senza corna tedesca 116 kg Anvils / Incudini - Large hornless forged anvil old german production 256 pound  measurements  15,2x6,2x12 inch [...] Continue OLD FORGED 111 lbs SMALL F.W.K. ANVIL / INCUDINE TEDESCA FORGIATA MARCHIATA KRAGELOH 50,5kg Anvils / Incudini - Old forged single horn anvil Marked by crown: F.W. KRAGELOH  Small size Weight marked 50 1/2kg (111 lbs) One [...] Continue RISERVATA ANTONIO - MUSEUM PIECE wonderfull small old cutlery French pig anvil with typical hump - Bellissima [...] Anvils / Incudini - Small French pig anvil to make knives. Wonderful piece with the typical hump on the face. Rare small size 119 [...] Continue Ancient small Polish hand forged front decorated anvil dated 1810 - Piccola incudine polacca forgiata a mano [...] Anvils / Incudini - Wonderful ancient Polish anvil MUSEUM PIECE hand forged very beautiful nose in relief with triangular [...] Continue Extra large Ancient German anvil with steps decorated 406 pound - Antica incudine tedesca di grosse [...] Anvils / Incudini - Extra large ancient German anvil. 406 pound of forged anvil  Single horn  both steps on the external [...] Continue Large German anvil 408 pound - Incudine tedesca 185kg Anvils / Incudini - German anvil Weight 408 pound the anvil is marked along the back side of the face General conditions, good [...] Continue WONDERFUL HORNLESS HAND FORGED ANVIL WITH UNUSUAL GEOMETRIC SHAPE NOSE - BELLISSIMA INCUDINE FORGIATA Anvils / Incudini - Wonderful hand forged hornless anvil MUSEUM PIECE Unsual nose with geometric shapes basement with [...] Continue Ancient hornless hand forged anvil 154 pound - Antica incudine forgiata a mano da 70,5 kg Anvils / Incudini - Ancient hornless anvil about early 19th century  hand forged with deep niches and a nose with two deep [...] Continue Old hand forged hornless anvil Middle 19th century - Antica incudine forgiata a mano metà ’800 Anvils / Incudini - Hand forged hornless Anvil Old piece Middle 19th century  slightly marked with 3 circles on the front side [...] Continue Excellent single horn anvil 432 pound - Incudine corno solo condizioni eccellenti peso 196 kg Anvils / Incudini - Single horn anvil excellent conditions  READY FOR WORKING  Flat and smooth face  sharp edges Weight [...] Continue HAND FORGED FRONT DECORATED HORNLESS ANVIL DATED 1826 - INCUDINE FORGIATA A MANO DECORATA DATATA 1826 Anvils / Incudini - Wonderful piece hand forged hornless anvil dated 1826 front decorated: tree of life in the center  on the [...] Continue SOLD VINCE - 22 lbs - A Extra small Italian cast blacksmith anvil Anvils / Incudini - Extra Small cast double feet anvil. Typical Italian pattern with square work surface. One hardie hole and [...] Continue MEDIUN SIZE 176 pound GERMAN ANVIL PEDDINGHAUS - INCUDINE TEDESCA PEDDINGHAUS 80 kg Anvils / Incudini - Medium size German anvil marked PFP (Paul Ferdinand Peddinghaus) Weight 176 pound perfect edges and work face [...] Continue 361 pound south german anvil + side wing + upsetting block - Grossa incudine tedesca con corno laterale e [...] Anvils / Incudini - South German anvil with upsetting block and side wing Anchor marked (Carl Schlasse?) weight 361 pound (164 kg [...] Continue SOLD VINCE - Old Italian four feet square anvil 159 lbs - Incudine quadrata italiana TASSO 72 kg Anvils / Incudini - Old Italian square anvil  SPECIAL SHAPE CALLED "TASSO" with four feet weight 159 [...] Continue Extra small English anvil 81 lbs - Piccola incudine inglese 37 kg Anvils / Incudini - Extra small English pattern anvil 81 lbs (37 kg marked) With Pritchel and Hardy holes. General good [...] Continue Wonderful small size forged French anvil unusual prominent nose - antica incudine francese forgiata 87 kg Anvils / Incudini - Wonderful small size weight 192 pound (87 kg marked) forged anvil  French production  very beautiful [...] Continue Medium size excellent rebound English style anvil 327 pound - Incudine modello inglese ottimo rebound 148,5 kg Anvils / Incudini - Good conditions  excellent rebound  English style anvil medium size  327 pound (148,5 kg [...] Continue MONSTER ANVIL 1010 pound - INCUDINE GIGANTESCA DA 458 kg Anvils / Incudini - Monster French anvil Weight 1010 pound  marked AUBRY  old piece dated 1883!!! good conditions considering [...] Continue Hans Peter Winterhof GERMAN ANVIL 436 pound - INCUDINE TEDESCA Hans Peter Winterhof 198 kg Anvils / Incudini - Large north German forged anvil Excellent company: Hans Peter Winterhof (HPW) dated 1981 excellent [...] Continue RARE FORGED ANVIL SPECIAL SHAPE TO MAKE GUNS 320 pound - RARA INCUDINE FORGIATA PER REALIZZARE CANNE DI [...] Anvils / Incudini - Rare anvil to make guns  special face with 4 swages to make guns french production  old piece, Late [...] Continue Beautiful 55 pound engraved small Italian pig anvil - Bella incudine italiana da 25 kg con scritte Anvils / Incudini - Nice engraved Italian pig anvil  small size 55 pound (25 kg marked) Marked RENAUX MATHIEU A [...] Continue Wonderful small old forged Italian pig anvil 55 pound - Bella incudine italiana forgiata da 25 kg Anvils / Incudini - Wonderful old Italian pig anvil small forged piece  typical massive cube body with 4 legs that open [...] Continue MEDIUN SIZE 173 pound GERMAN ANVIL PEDDINGHAUS - INCUDINE TEDESCA PEDDINGHAUS 78,5 kg Anvils / Incudini - Medium size German anvil marked PFP (Paul Ferdinand Peddinghaus) Weight 173 pound perfect edges and work face [...] Continue EXCELLENT KOHLSWA SWEDEN 212 pound MODEL B38 96 - INCUDINE SVEDESE KOHLSWA MODELLO B38 96 kg Anvils / Incudini - Excellent Swedish cast steel. TOP QUALITY COMPANY KOHLSWA SWEDEN anvil double horn and upsetting block. PERFECT [...] Continue Old small Italian pig anvil 46 pound / 21 kg Anvils / Incudini - Old small Italian pig anvil Weight 46 pound   Measurements 18,2x4,5x5 height inch Continue OVER SIZE 362 POUND WONDERFUL STAKE ANVIL - GIGANTESCA BICORNIA ANTICA DA 164 kg Anvils / Incudini - Over size WONDERFUL STAKE ANVIL Weight 362 pound Museum piece Large double horns and enormous central [...] Continue 231 POUND ANCIENT FORGED FRENCH PIG ANVIL - ANTICA INCUDINE FRANCESE FORGIATA 105 kg Anvils / Incudini - Beautiful forged four feet french pig anvil. Beautiful fountain relief on the main face joining the two frontal [...] Continue Fantastic Extra small single horn forged HOLTHAUS 50 pound - Fantastica incudine HOLTHAUS forgiata da 23 kg Anvils / Incudini - Special piece 50 pound single horn anvil MARKED: HOLTHAUS forged anvil  measurements 14x3,5x6,8 height [...] Continue SOLD VINCE - 722 pound big size french anvil - Grossa incudine da 328 kg Anvils / Incudini - Big size French anvil weight 722 pound measurements  42,5x8,5x15 inch height  Incudine [...] Continue Old Italian four feet square anvil 142 pound / Incudine quadrata italiana TASSO 64,5 kg Anvils / Incudini - Old Italian square anvil  SPECIAL SHAPE CALLED "TASSO" with four feet weight 142 [...] Continue Old Italian four feet square anvil 154 pound - Incudine quadrata italiana TASSO 70 kg Anvils / Incudini - Old Italian square anvil  SPECIAL SHAPE CALLED "TASSO" with four feet weight 154 [...] Continue XXXS US STILE ANVIL 2,2 pound / 1 kg Anvils / Incudini - Extra small AMERICAN STILE ANVIL cast anvil european manufacture weight 2,2 pound measurements 5,8x1,5x3,2 height [...] Continue Small Peddinghaus 77 lbs - Incudine Peddinghaus 35 kg Anvils / Incudini - PEDDINGHAUS anvil from Germany Very difficult to find so small. Good conditions  with its original [...] Continue Old French pig forged anvil special shape to make knives - Antica incudine forgiata per fare coltelli Anvils / Incudini - Old French pig anvil special shape to make knives forged anvil about 88 lbs weight  marked MONGIN [...] Continue Very old French anvil marked AUBRY 633 lbs - Enorme antica incudine francese AUBRY 287 kg Anvils / Incudini - Beautiful old French anvil marked AUBRY  Late 19th Dated 18 _ _ (at the beginning of this company's [...] Continue Old forged with extra long side horn French anvil 279 lbs - Incudine antica con enorme corno laterale 126,5 kg Anvils / Incudini - Old forged piece. Beatiful anvil for own collection. Made at Donchery, France. 279 lbs weight. Extra long side [...] Continue XL 529 LBS Special belgian anvil with swage to make gun’s barrel - Incudine speciale con svaso per canne [...] Anvils / Incudini - Special anvil pattern to make guns. big swage on the face to work the gun barrels. Diameter minimum swage 2 [...] Continue 293 lbs Ancient forged German anvil double slot to make hammers - Antica incudine forgiata per fare martelli [...] Anvils / Incudini - Very beautiful old forged anvil to make hammers. two tools slots on the face to make hammers. 293 lbs weight. Double [...] Continue 388 lbs Special ancient German anvil with two slots to make files and hammers - Antica Incudine tedesca per [...] Anvils / Incudini - Special German anvil to make hammer and files. Forged anvil with special two tools slots to make files and [...] Continue 260 lbs old French pig anvil for files and hammers - Antica incudine francese per fare martelli e lime 118 kg Anvils / Incudini - Special french pig anvil to make hammers and files. Beautiful fountain in relief on the main face joining the two [...] Continue 225 pound Italian pig anvil Marked FIRMINY - Incudine italiana 102 kg marchiata FIRMINY Anvils / Incudini - Italian pig anvil  Typical four feet and square face. Italian pattern, french manufacturing  marked [...] Continue 542 lbs Wonderful old J CLAUDINON pig anvil - Grossa Incudine francese con piedi da 246 kg Anvils / Incudini - Wonderful piece BIG SIZE PERFECT CONDITIONS OLD PIG FRENCH ANVIL marked J CLAUDINON (the "J" as Jacque, the [...] Continue RISERVATA /RESERVED EMANUELE - XL OLD (1886) FORGED ITALIAN PIG ANVIL 456 lbs - GRANDE INCUDINE ITALIANA [...] Anvils / Incudini - Wonderful old XL Italian pig anvil  Dated 1886 !!! Forged anvil XL square face 9 inch 207 kg marked (456 [...] Continue Old forged french double steps pig anvil 306 lbs - Incudine francese forgiata 149 kg Anvils / Incudini - Beautiful forged four feet french pig anvil. Special shape -double steps on the sides of the face -horns slightly [...] Continue 502 lbs Large forged french pig anvil dated 1876 - grande incudine francese forgiata 228 kg Anvils / Incudini - Large french pig anvil Forged anvil Marked “CLAUDINON” Dated 1876 WONDERFUL FORGED BIG FEET One hardie [...] Continue RISERVATA /RESERVED ARCANGELO - 534 lbs EXCELLENT XL french pig anvil - Grossa Incudine francese con piedi da [...] Anvils / Incudini - GREAT PIECE PERFECT TO WORK WITH A BIG SIZE PIG ANVIL Extra large french pig double horn anvil Weight 534 lbs One [...] Continue 112 lbs extra small side horn french anvil to make locks - Incudine con corno laterale 51 kg Anvils / Incudini - Special pattern side horn anvil to make locks, padlocks, hinges and part of the gates. Small size 112 lbs French [...] Continue 410 lbs Large double long feet french pig anvil - Incudine francese 186 kg Anvils / Incudini - Unusual pattern extra long double feet pig anvil. Large 410 lbs anvil. French manufacturing  Forged [...] Continue 242 lbs Small Bavarian forged anvil with side wing - Incudine bavarese con becco laterale 110 kg Anvils / Incudini - Forged anvil from Germany. Bavarian pattern with side wing, only present in some models. Weight 242 lbs One hardie [...] Continue 94 lbs XSMALL EXCELLENT F.W.K. blacksmith anvil / incudine tedesca 42,5kg Anvils / Incudini - Excellent extra small german forged single horn anvil. Wonderful piece for collection. Marked by crown: F.W. [...] Continue 132 lbs / 60 kg Old Small Italian pig anvil marked TORINO Anvils / Incudini - Old small Italian pig anvil  Typical four feet and square face. One hardie hole and one pritchel [...] Continue 130 lbs / 59 kg Small Italian pig anvil Anvils / Incudini - Small Italian pig anvil  Typical four feet and square face. One hardie hole and one pritchel hole. Weight [...] Continue Italian advertising pig anvil 1,28 pound / 0,6 kg Anvils / Incudini - Italian advertising pig anvil. Weight 1,28 lbs Marked “FAUGLIANA” Measures  6,1x1,3x1,8 height [...] Continue RESERVED VINCE - 117 lbs special XL swage double face anvil Anvils / Incudini - Special pattern anvil. Double face cast anvil. Small piece, 117 lbs (53 kg) Unusual shape with XL swage on the [...] Continue 355 lbs Old french pig anvil to make horse shoes /Antica incudine da maniscalco francese 161 kg Anvils / Incudini - Beautiful french pig anvil marked REINARD LYON Dated 1895 Weight 161 kg marked (355 lbs) Measures 35x7,4x10,3 [...] Continue 326 lbs Old french pig anvil to make horse shoes / Vecchia incudine francese da maniscalco da 148 kg Anvils / Incudini - Beautiful french pig anvil marked MARTINET THIBAUD LYON Dated 1906 Weight 148 kg marked (326 lbs) Measures [...] Continue 172 lbs ancient forged pig anvil for cutler MUSEUM PIECE !!! Anvils / Incudini - Ancient forged piece. French manufacture, typical of Thiers area. French area well known to produce knives. Beautiful [...] Continue 8 lbs / 3,6 kg extra small hand forged blacksmith anvil Anvils / Incudini - Ancient german anvil HAND FORGED. Weight about 8 lbs Museum piece. Measures 2,5x2,5x7,5 inch heigh tip [...] Continue SPECIAL PRICE - 716 lbs XXXL forged German blacksmith anvil / Gigante incudine tedesca da 325 kg Anvils / Incudini - Extra large forged north German anvil. Very massive central body. 325 kg/716 lbs Marked One XL hardie hole 1,38 [...] Continue 210 lbs Antique French Anvil DOUBLE SIDE HORNS - Antica incudine francese con doppio corno laterale 95 kg Anvils / Incudini - Very archaic shape with double horns on the same side. VERY RARE PIECE MUSEUM PIECE Elongated rectangular work [...] Continue 59 lbs Italian forged blacksmith pig anvil - Incudine italiana forgiata 27 kg Anvils / Incudini - Small size 59 lbs Italian forged pig anvil. Italian manufacture with central body cube shape and four small legs [...] Continue BARGAIN! 683 lbs Extra large French Blacksmith anvil / Incudine gigante francese da 310 kg !!! Anvils / Incudini - Giant cast anvil. North France manufacture. One hardie hole Dated 1921 Excellent condition of work surface, [...] Continue 99 lbs Small Austrian anvil Anvils / Incudini - Small Austrian pattern anvil. One hardie hole. Four steps base. Cast iron Weight 99 lbs Measures 16,7x5x10 height [...] Continue 68 lbs Decorated blacksmith stake anvil Anvils / Incudini - Very antique hand forged stake anvil with octagonal stake and base. Big decorated shield with the tree of [...] Continue 47 lbs Small hand forged Italian blacksmith anvil - Incudine italiana forgiata a mano 21 kg Anvils / Incudini - This anvil comes from Sicily. This shape is typical of this area of Italy. This shape is probably derived from Spanish [...] Continue 333 lbs Forged anvil for files & hammer / incudine forgiata per realizzare lime e martelli 151 kg Anvils / Incudini - Old forged anvil for files an hammers. Special seat on the face to make hammers and files. Two hardie [...] Continue 346 lbs Old forged saw maker anvil / Antica incudine forgiata speciale per seghe 157 kg Anvils / Incudini - Forged sawmaker anvil Old piece Weight 346 lbs (marked 157 kg) Measures work surface 7,1x12,8 inch 13,8 height [...] Continue BARGAIN! 575 lbs Massive forged blacksmith anvil / Incudine massiccia da 261 kg Anvils / Incudini - Big massive body with two short horns. Double feet forged anvil. One hardie hole on a side Mark slightly readible [...] Continue VENDUTA/SOLD EMANUELE - Antique blacksmith stake anvil to work copper Anvils / Incudini - Antique hand forged coppersmiths anvil. Characterized by two long horns and a short body. Length tip to tip 30,2 [...] Continue Special blacksmith anvil to make circular iron for old cart wheels Anvils / Incudini - Special anvil with curved surface used to make the circular irons around the wood wheel of the old  carts. Museum [...] Continue 1837 blacksmith stake anvil 111lbs - Bicornia datata 1837 Anvils / Incudini - Antique hand forged anvil with hexagonal stake and base. Marked 1837 Length tip to tip 28 inch width worktop 2,7 [...] Continue 214 lbs Very special shape blacksmith anvil Anvils / Incudini - Very unusual anvil shape. Weight 214 lbs German manufacture. Measures anvil 18x3,7x10 inch height  Maxi [...] Continue BARGAIN !!! 530 lbs Big French blacksmith anvil - grossa incudine francese con nicchie 240 kg Anvils / Incudini - Extra large single horn french anvil. Double light windows on the face  Marked: DENIZE A PONTOIZE Excellent [...] Continue SOLD VINCE - 848 lbs SUPER XXXL Belgian blacksmith anvil / incudine belga fuori misura da 385 kg Anvils / Incudini - Wonderfull piece. Extraordinarily heavy anvil 848 lbs (385kg) Manufactured in Belgium (Liege) on [...] Continue 88 lbs Cast iron blacksmith anvil - Incudine in condizioni eccellenti fusa 40 kg Anvils / Incudini - Very small and nice cast iron anvil. Long and big four feet. Marked GFCC. Perfect conditions of work face and [...] Continue 582 lbs XXL JEB Austrian blacksmith anvil + stand 374 lbs - Incudine Austriaca JEB 264 kg e base 170 kg Anvils / Incudini - XXL forged Austrian anvil. Front marked “JEB” Johann Elias Bleckmann. Marked by two symbols « two [...] Continue