Anvils, Vises, Swages blocks, Cones and other equipment selected from Italy, Germany, France, Austria, Belgium, United Kingdom, Poland, Switzerland and other countries.

 New arrivals almost weekly from Europe 


SPECIAL PRICE - German forged anvil 379 lbs - Incudine tedesca forgiata da 172 kg Special Price - Forged German anvil weight 379 lbs Good face, good rebound, some cuts on the round horn, edges on the [...] Continue SPECIAL PRICE - 516 lbs OLD FORGED GERMAN S&H ANVIL DATED 1887 - INCUDINE TEDESCA S&H FORGIATA DATATA 1887 DA 234 kg Special Price - Old large forged German anvil marked S&H dated 1887 (very old piece for this company) weight 516 [...] Continue TOP QUALITY: “CARL SCHLASSE” FORGED ANVIL 505 lbs - TOP QUALITY: INCUDINE FORGIATA “CARL SCHLASSE” DA 229 kg Anvils / Incudini - TOP QUALITY BRAND  Anchor mark "CARL SCHLASSE" forged single horn anvil weight 505 [...] Continue EXCELLENT LARGE FORGED GERMAN ANVIL 425 lbs - ECCELLENTE INCUDINE TEDESCA FORGIATA DA 193 kg Anvils / Incudini - EXCELLENT LARGE FORGED GERMAN ANVIL weight 425 lbs (193 kg marked) dated 1951 very good [...] Continue BEAUTIFUL WELL PRESERVED OLD FORGED FRANCE STAKE ANVIL 59 lbs - ANTICA BICORNIA FRANCESE DA 27 kg Anvils / Incudini - BEAUTIFUL WELL PRESERVED OLD STAKE ANVIL Forged piece with big decorated [...] Continue RED LARGE VISE MARKED WE.ES.CO WITH STAND JAWS 9,8 inch - GROSSA MORSA TEDESCA WE.ES.CO CON GANASCE da 25 cm Vises / Morse - WONDERFUL PIECE!!! German vise marked WE-ES-CO metal stand with wheels included  Vise fully [...] Continue LARGE SOUTH GERMAN FORGED ANVIL 500 lbs - GROSSA INCUDINE FORGIATA GERMANIA DEL SUD 227 kg Anvils / Incudini - Large south German forged anvil weight 500 lbs (227 kg marked) marked HPW Hans Peter Winterhof [...] Continue MEDIUM SIZE HOLTHAUS ANVIL 335 lbs - INCUDINE TEDESCA HOLTHAUS TAGLIA MEDIA 152 kg Anvils / Incudini - Medium size HOLTHAUS forged anvil weight  335 lbs (152 kg marked) General good conditions, the anvil [...] Continue RESERVED GIANLUCA - WONDERFUL US ANVIL HAY BUDDEN model: "FARRIERS' PLAIN HORN ANVIL" - FANTASTICA incudine AMERICANA HAY BADDEN BROOKLYN Anvils / Incudini - WONDERFUL US ANVIL TOP QUALITY BRAND: HAY BUDDEN BROOKLYN model: "FARRIERS' PLAIN HORN [...] Continue 679 lbs REALLY UNUSUAL EXTRA HIGH FORGED ANVIL (18,5 inch height !!!) - INCUDINE FORGIATA DI ALTEZZA FUORI NORMA 47 cm !!! PESO 308 kg Anvils / Incudini - Wonderful shape extra large forged piece  HEIGHT OUTSIDE THE STANDARD: 18,5 inch height !!! VERY [...] Continue RESERVED GIANLUCA - Rare wonderful extra small forged German anvil marked S&H 174 lbs - Bellissima Incudine forgiata S&H piccole dimensioni 79 kg Anvils / Incudini - Rare wonderful extra small forged anvil  weight 174 lbs (79 kg marked) marked S&H (very well [...] Continue English anvil 249 lbs - Incudine inglese da 113 kg Anvils / Incudini - English forged anvil Medium size 249 lbs  with one Pritchel and one Hardy holes buone [...] Continue Excellent conditions german vise jaws 5,8 inch weight 93 lbs - Morsa da fabbro tedesca ganasce da 15 cm peso 42 kg Vises / Morse - Medium size German one leg blacksmith vise. FULLY WORKING  excellent conditions  5,8 inch [...] Continue SMALL AUSTRIAN ANVIL EXCELLENT CONDITIONS 110 lbs - PICCOLA INCUDINE AUSTRIACA 50 kg Anvils / Incudini - Small Austrian cast anvil excellent conditions  weigh 110 lbs (50 kg [...] Continue EXCELLENT SINGLE HORN B24 KOHLSWA ANVIL 298 lbs WITH UPSETTING BLOCK - ECCELLENTE INCUDINE KOHLSWA CORNO SOLO E PIEDE A RIBATTERE DA 135 kg Anvils / Incudini - Excellent SWEDEN KOHLSWA anvil model B24  single horn with upsetting block weight 298 lbs [...] Continue EXTRA LARGE HEAVY CONE FOR RINGS 507 lbs - ENORME CONO PER ANELLI DA 230 kg Cones-Swages block-working block / Coni-Chiodai-Banchi lavoro - Extra large cone to make rings weight 507 pound height 51,2 inch Diameter of the cone at the base 19,7 [...] Continue EXCELLENT CONDITIONS PFP 223 lbs - INCUDINE PFP CONDIZIONI ECCELLENTI 101 kg Anvils / Incudini - Excellent conditions PFP medium size anvil weight 223 lbs Measurements 28,3x5,1x11 inch [...] Continue EXCELLENT SMALL SINGLE HORN ANVIL 132 lbs - ECCELLENTE PICCOLA INCUDINE CORNO SOLO 60 kg Anvils / Incudini - Wonderful small single horn forged anvil excellent conditions weight 132 [...] Continue PFP anvil 145 lbs - Incudine PFP 66 kg Anvils / Incudini - German anvil marked PFP weight 145 lbs general good conditions  measurements 23,6x4,7x9,2 inch [...] Continue Excellent conditions Oval iron stand for medium/large size anvils - Base in metallo ovale condizioni eccellenti per incudini medio grandi Cast iron stands / Piedistalli in ferro - Stand for medium/large size anvil  Excellent conditions  Oval stand About 350 [...] Continue