Anvils, Vises, Swages blocks, Cones and other equipment selected from Italy, Germany, France, Austria, Belgium, United Kingdom, Poland, Switzerland and other countries.

 New arrivals almost weekly from Europe 


Tools for hardie holes Hammers & tools / Martelli e utensili - Tools for hardie holes: (D) diameter swage 2 inch weight 6,6 lbs price 40 euro (E)  weight 2 [...] Continue Tools for hardie holes Hammers & tools / Martelli e utensili - Tools for hardie holes prices 35 euro each: (A) height 6 inch weight 2,2 lbs (B) height 4,3 [...] Continue Wonderful Fully decorated small anvil dated 1804 - Antica incudine Svizzera decorata su tutti i lati Anvils / Incudini - Continue RESERVED KENZO - WONDERFUL SINGLE HORN PFP ANVIL 333 pound - MERAVIGLIOSA INCUDINE FORGIATA A UN CORNO SOLO MARCHIATA PFP DA 151 kg Anvils / Incudini - Wonderful single horn  German anvil marked PFP Forged anvil with upsetting block weight 333 [...] Continue RESERVED KENZO - EXTRA LARGE MASSIVE BODY NORTH GERMAN ANVIL 721 lbs - INCUDINE TEDESCA MASSICCIA DA 327 kg Anvils / Incudini - Wonderful massive north German anvil  extra large body  weight 722 pound  marked [...] Continue RARE LARGE VISE MARKED WE.ES.CO JAWS 9,8 inch - RARA GROSSA MORSA TEDESCA WE.ES.CO CON GANASCE da 25 cm Vises / Morse - RARE PIECE!!! German vise marked WE-ES-CO Vise in perfect conditions with its original paint  jaws [...] Continue Special hammer to smooth the iron 7,7 and 11 pound - Martelli speciali per spianare da 3,5 e 5 kg Hammers & tools / Martelli e utensili - Large hammers Special shape to smooth the iron: (E-F) face 3,4x3,4 inch length 6,7 inch weight [...] Continue EXCELLENT ENGLISH ANVIL JOHN BROOKS 183 lbs - ECCELLENTE INCUDINE INGLESE JB DA 83 kg Anvils / Incudini - Excellent conditions  English John Brooks  weight 183 pound  suitable to be transported for [...] Continue VENDUTA/SOLD ALEX - EXCELLENT PFP ANVIL DOUBLE HORNS WITH UPSETTING BLOCK 271 lbs - ECCELLENTE INCUDINE PFP DA 123 kg CON PIEDE A RIBATTERE Anvils / Incudini - Excellent conditions of face and edges double horns with upsetting block German anvil Medium size marked [...] Continue Kohlswa Sweden anvil model B38 236 pound - INCUDINE SVEDESE KOHLSWA B38 da 107 kg Anvils / Incudini - Kohlswa Sweden anvil model B38 weight 236 pound  good conditions excellent [...] Continue Extra small Italian pig anvil 33 pound Anvils / Incudini - Extra small Italian pig anvil  33 pound  Cast measurements 17x4x4,8 inch height  Continue WONDERFUL LARGE FORGED BAVARIAN ANVIL FWDS WITH LARGE UPSETTING BLOCK 532 pound - BELLISSIMA INCUDINE BAVARESE FORGIATA DA 196 kg Anvils / Incudini - WONDERFUL BAVARIAN FORGED ANVIL Extra large piece weight 432 pound (196 kg marked) excellent [...] Continue 60 lbs !!! EXCELLENT CONDITIONS EXTRA SMALL FORGED GERMAN ANVIL - SPLENDIDA INCUDINE TEDESCA FORGIATA DA 27,5 kg Anvils / Incudini - Wonderful EXTRA SMALL  FORGED GERMAN ANVIL ONLY 60 pound !!! Very well preserved perfect [...] Continue LARGE 390 pound ITALIAN PIG ANVIL - GROSSA INCUDINE ITALIANA DA 177 kg Anvils / Incudini - LARGE ITALIAN PIG ANVIL weight 390 pound  very large work face 8,8 inch!!! marked 1556 - 6 good [...] Continue EXTRA LARGE SAWMAKER FORGED ANVIL 445 pound EXCELLENT CONDITIONS - GROSSO TASSO TEDESCO FORGIATO DA 202 kg Anvils / Incudini - EXCELLENT FORGED SAWMAKER ANVIL Extra large 445 pound  german product  perfect face, [...] Continue Wonderful Bavarian forged anvil with unusual upsetting block 340 pound- Bellissima incudine bavarese con piede a ribattere da 154 kg Anvils / Incudini - Wonderful forged Bavarian gernan anvil with unusual upsetting block piece difficult to find with extra long [...] Continue SPECIAL PRICE Single horn German anvil FWDS - Incudine tedesca 165 kg FWDS Special Price - Single horn forged German anvil with upsetting block marked FWDS weight 364 pound  good face, edges [...] Continue WONDERFUL MASSIVE LARGE FRENCH VISE jaws 8,5 inch 203 pound - GROSSA MORSA FRANCESE COMPLETA GANASCE 21,5 cm 92 kg Vises / Morse - WONDERFUL LARGE OLD FRENCH VISE Massive legs Good conditions despite the age. Fully working. vise [...] Continue SPECIAL PRICE 361 pound French anvil marked A PERRIN dated 1906 - Incudine francese PERRIN 164 kg datata 1906 Special Price - French manufacture  marked A. PERRIN  dated 1906 weight 361 (164 kg marked) Good rebound, [...] Continue SOLD - Special hammer to smooth the iron 7,7 and 11 pound - Martelli speciali per spianare da 3,5 e 5 kg Hammers & tools / Martelli e utensili - Large hammer Special shape to smooth the iron: (A - B) face 4x4 inch length 7,2 inch weight 11 [...] Continue