Anvils, Vises, Swages blocks, Cones and other equipment selected from Italy, Germany, France, Austria, Belgium, United Kingdom, Poland, Switzerland and other countries.

 New arrivals almost weekly from Europe 


TOP QUALITY-Extra large excellent conditions swages block 529 lbs 23,6x23,6 inch - Grossa Chiodaia condizioni perfette 240 kg 60x60 cm Cones-Swages blocks / Coni-Chiodaie - TOP extra large swages block in excellent conditions TRIPLE AAA LIKE NEW !!! DIFFICULT TO FIND SO LARGE SO [...] Continue SPECIAL PRICE-FRENCH POST VISE jaws 6,7 inch 115 lbs - Morsa da fabbro francese con doppio piede ganasce da 17 cm 52 kg Special Price !!! - Medium size double leg post vise jaws 6,7 inch  weight 115 lbs total height 39 inch. height to [...] Continue RESERVED GIANLUCA - Excellent conditions and rebound German anvil with side wing 386 lbs - Incudine tedesca perfetta con becco laterale 175 kg Anvils / Incudini - Wonderful German anvil  with side wing  really excellent conditions  TRIPLE AAA LIKE [...] Continue Excellent conditions extra large German anvil 558 lbs - Grossa incudine tedesca perfetta da 253 kg Anvils / Incudini - XL GERMAN FORGED ANVIL weight 558 lbs (253 kg marked) dated 1906 TRIPLA AAA CONDITIONS  PERFECT FACE [...] Continue SUPER REFFLINGHAUS 346 lbs EXCELLENT CONDITIONS SUPER REBOUND - REFFLINGHAUS DA 157 kg in condizioni perfette super rebound Anvils / Incudini - EXCELLENT GERMAN ANVIL MARKED   A R S    M (August Refflinghaus Sohne in [...] Continue Large English anvil very good conditions 397 lbs - Grossa incudine inglese condizioni molto buone 180 kg Anvils / Incudini - Wonderful English anvil large size 397 lbs cast piece probably produced by John Brooks company, mark not [...] Continue GIANT WEESCO vise jaws 11,8 inch !!! Weight 540 lbs!!! - Morsa WEESCO GIGANTE ganasce da 30 cm !!! 245 kg !!! Vises-Shears / Morse-Cesoie - GIANT GERMAN  WEESCO VISE XXXL SIZE VERY DIFFICULT TO FIND  Jaws 11,8 inch!!! weight 540 lbs [...] Continue 3 Austrian anvils 330lbs & 220lbs & 68lbs - 3 incudini austriache da 150kg & 100kg & 31kg Anvils / Incudini - 3 cast Austrian anvils very good rebound: 1) 330 lbs Austrian anvil measurements 27x5,5x12,5 inch [...] Continue Wonderful extra small forged German single horn anvil marked S&H 114 lbs - Bellissima Incudine forgiata S&H dimensioni molto piccole 52 kg Anvils / Incudini - DIFFICULT TO FIND BEAUTIFUL XXS German anvil.  weight 114 lbs Forged piece with single horn and [...] Continue OLD IRONWORKS POSTCARDS IN EUROPE - CARTOLINE DELLE VECCHIE ACCIAIERIE IN EUROPA Other / Altro - Continue Wonderful shape XL FORGED GERMAN ANVIL 564 lbs - Bellissima incudine tedesca forgiata grosse dimensioni 256 kg Anvils / Incudini - Wonderful shape  XL GERMAN FORGED ANVIL weight 564 lbs (256 kg marked) VERY GOOD CONDITIONS AND [...] Continue RESERVED JOHN - SUPER REFFLINGHAUS !!! - SUPER CONDITIONS 280 lbs - REFFLINGHAUS CONDIZIONI PERFETTE 127 kg Anvils / Incudini - SUPER REFFLINGHAUS!!! ARS   M (August Refflinghaus Sohne in Milspe) SUPER CONDITIONS SUPER [...] Continue BOTTOM TOOLS FOR HARDIE HOLES: CUTTER / CONE / SWAGES / FULLER / MUSHROOM / BLOCK AND TOP FLATTER - INSERTI PER FORO QUADRO E TOP Hammers and top/bottom tools / Martelli e top/inserti quadri per incudine - BOTTOM TOOLS FOR HARDIE HOLE: A: medium size anvil block  weight 21 lbs / 9,5 [...] Continue FWDS anvil 430 lbs - Incudine marcata FWDS da 195 kg Anvils / Incudini - FWDS anvil  Friedrich Wilhelm Dürre Söhne weight 430 lbs (195 kg marked) Good [...] Continue Large oval metal stand for XL anvils - Base in metallo ovale per incudini grandi Cast iron stands / Piedistalli in ferro - Stand for large size anvil  Oval stand 326 pound  height 16 inch  length 19,3 [...] Continue Small stake anvil 10 lbs for jewellery 10 lbs - Piccola incudine per gioielleria condizioni perfette 4,5 kg Anvils / Incudini - Excellent conditions  small stake anvil for jewellery  weight 10 lbs Perfect face and edge with [...] Continue SUPER CONDITIONS GERMAN ANVIL 397 lbs WITH METAL STAND - ECCELLENTE INCUDINE TEDESCA DA 180 kg con base in metallo Anvils / Incudini - Excellent German anvil with upsetting block with METAL STAND  ANVIL IN SUPER CONDITIONS  SUPER [...] Continue Old English navy's forged anvil 141 lbs - Antica incudine inglese navale forgiata 65 kg Anvils / Incudini - Old English firged anvil navy model marked with an anchor on a foot weight marked in old British [...] Continue WONDERFUL HORNLESS HAND FORGED ANVIL SIMILAR PIECE PUBLISHED ON ’ANVILS IN AMERICA’ BOOK - BELLISSIMA INCUDINE FORGIATA PUBBLICATA SIMILE SU ’ANVILS IN AMERICA’ Anvils / Incudini - Wonderful hand forged hornless anvil MUSEUM PIECE Similar piece is published at page 498 on "ANVILS [...] Continue WONDERFUL VERY HEAVY TABLE 2650 lbs!!! + large GERMAN VISE 7,5 inch jaws - PESANTISSIMO BANCO DA 1200 kg!!! + grossa morsa tedesca ganasce 19,5 cm Working blocks / Banchi lavoro - WONDERFUL SUPER HEAVY AND STRONG  WORKING TABLE 2650 lbs !!!  measurements  39,8x35,5 [...] Continue